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About us

The Bolivian Child Foundation, or short SKiB, is a foundation run since 2002 by volunteers. The goal of SKiB is to support children in Bolivia and to improve the living conditions for these children. Our projects receive support in the form of materials, which we purchase on the spot. We also send out volunteers, who work on our projects in Bolivia.

Why to donate to SKiB?

We use your donations for our projects in Bolivia, which as a theme have education and/or health. For example, support for children's homes, schools, special education, for the disabled and for small communities in remote villages. An advantage of SKiB is, that one of our volunteers lives in Bolivia. This gives us the ability to maintain good contact with the projects, and to purchase the materials in Bolivia. Another advantage is that our organization consists solely of volunteers. SKiB therefore can guarantee that the overhead costs are low. Your contribution is almost entirely passed on to the children.

Do you want to become a SKiB volunteer?

We support volunteers in finding a project and housing. We also give information about everything, that has to do with your volunteering and planning of the trip. This help does not cost anything, but we do not offer financial support for travelling or accommodation costs. To work as a volunteer commitment and flexibility are especially needed, and specific experience in the education or care of the disabled is very welcome.